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Recent Requests

Not getting hot water when I turn on the shower. I have an American Water Heater Company unit powered by nat gas. Need water heater service. Thank you

Evan P

I would like to replace my gas water heater. Current one isn't working.

Alberto M

We cannot get any hot water. We looked at the water heater and saw water leaking on and through it.

Rudy O

How much to install and get new 40 gallon gas water heater and what brand do you recommend?

Mary A

Currently have a 7 yr old Bosch tankless gas outdoor water heater. Had electric starter wire replaced but still not operating properly. Gets an E2 error reading We understand it may need to be replaced. No hot water - need an estimate for repair or to replace asap please. thanks!

Misti K

I have a tankless water heater and the water temperature is fluctuating from hot to cold. I would like it serviced by a professional.

Carlos C

I need to replace the gas water heater in my garage. Should i go electric, gas, tank or tankless?

Thurmon D

I need to replace my old gas water heater (A.O. Smith-50) for a new one with 10 or more years warranty. Thanks

Phillip B

Water heater replacement. Looking for a gas 50 gallon water heater installed.

Bruce Z

I have a home with two bathrooms. I want to remove an old hot water heater tank and replace it with a tankless water heater. I was looking at Noritz or Takagi. I will need a new gas line because the old line is 1/2 inch. I will probably want it installed in the same place as the current tank, in the kitchen, but high up on the wall so I can put cabinets under it.

Douglas P